CPR and Sports Medicine Services - cpr class pictures

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adult cpr

what to do if someone is choking
First Aid for choking victim

picture pic of aed machine
AED machine - Notice one pad on upper right and one on the lower left side of body.
Click here to see an aed video to see and hear how an aed works
biohazard container
Biohazard Bucket - All blood soaked materials must be placed in a bucket or biohazard bag.

sharps container
Sharps Container - All needles or other sharps must be placed in this container. Notice the hand still has a glove on at all times dealing with bloodborne pathogens.
picture of broken bone fracture
Break in the bone (tibia)
Notice how the break is in the middle of the lower leg, but the green cast is from the knee to the bottom of the foot. The foot must be immobilized!